Yaneira Velasquez is the designer and owner of the ‘Yaneira Velasquez’ brand. She was born in Santa-Fé, Venezuela.  For her, fashion is her life!  It is where she belongs and where her imagination is given the freedom to create what you can see in each of her garments. "I like to create garments which allow ladies to feel confident, beautiful and on top of the world."

At the age of 18 she decided to change the direction of her life.  She left University (UDO), where she was studying mathematics, she left her family and friends and started modelling and travelling all over the world. Working as a model was a great experience because she was able to feel the magic of a garment and passed that magic on to the audience. While she was modelling in Asia, she had the opportunity to design a collection for an atelier.  All the garments were amazing and everyone was very impressed. From that moment she knew she had to create her very own fashion brand!

In 2008, Yaneira moved to Australia, a country she had always loved very much. One year later, Yaneira decided to enrol in the fashion course at TAFE.

*  The first dress Yaneira made was from old jeans and it became a state finalist for “Jeans for Genes Day.”

*  Yaneira received the Innovation Award at the "Lumiere TAFE Fashion Show 2009.”

*  May 2010, Yaneira won a "Wearable Art Competition" at the Eumundi Body Art Carnival.

*  October 2010, Yaneira was Highly Commended at the "Queensland Calico Brides Design Student  Awards."

*  In 2011, Yaneira went to Paris for training and work experience.

Currently, Yaneira is working on the best collection she has ever created which is going to be launched next year.  Yaneira hopes the world is ready for this brilliant collection!
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