Yaneira Velasquez is the designer and owner of the ‘Yaneira Velasquez’ brand.
She was born in Santa-Fé, Venezuela.  For her, fashion is her life!  It is where she belongs and where her imagination is given the freedom to create what you can see in each of her garments.
 "I like to create garments which allow ladies to feel confident, beautiful and on top of the world."
    The company ‘Yaneira Velasquez’, established in Australia in 2011, is the ultimate fashion brand that is taking the world by storm.
    This innovative fashion house blends Australian cultural heritage with the modern world in perfect synergistic harmony.  It is futuristic, seductive, sophisticated and chic! Be enchanted by the magic of this extremely creative style, craftsmanship, tradition and impressive luxury brand.
    The passion and inspiration for my range is Australia Emerging.
This collection is an opening, a glimmer, a reflection of layered land.
This collection exposes our amazing culture, talent and versatility to an expectant world of fashion.
With love I strive to sew together indigenous and non indigenous Australian the two Australians into one beautiful and whole garment. I wish to bring this gift to my external vision, to my adopted home.
Through its nature and architecture, art and story I wish to open up our unique Australian spirit to the "Material World".
I love this country very much and that is why Australia is my Inspiration
      Let me dress you...
Let me dress you is a service given by Yaneira Fashion house...
We dress you and we make your dreams come true...
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